Who we are

Our experience in the development of embedded software for more than 20 years
Our expertise covers the entire software stack - from drivers and operating systems to high-level applications
Most of our developers are located in Eastern Europe, we can provide advantageous offers
Our partners include well-known companies from hardware and software worlds

Our Vision

We concentrate all our activities to bring maximum value for our customers. Whether it is software development, consulting or support, we strive to make the job done in time.



This model fits to customers with casual, one-off or pilot projects with clear requirements and deliverables.
RTSoft offers three possible pricing models that are defined by a project's risk profile.


This model is used when the scope, requirements and deliverables are well defined and documented in the beginning of the project. The customer is offered to pay a fixed price for the complete project. The price is estimated by us beforehand based on provided requirements by the customer. Usually, such projects are divided by phases including scoping, design, development, testing and support.


This model better fits when there are many unknowns in scope before the beginning of a project,. Also, it is used when there parts of the project that are not under our control and, thus, we cannot commit for it delivery in accordance with project's requirements. Under this model, the client pays the agreed hourly price for the efforts of the project's team on a timely basis. This model provides the most visibility of the project execution.


This is a mixture of the FP and T&M approaches when some parts of the project are implemented on FP model, and others on T&M model.

This model is used when a customer needs a remotely located, dedicated, managed engineering team in order to develop, maintain, support and test its own software products.

We offer three service levels of this model:
• Simple staff leasing.
At this level, RTSoft provides experienced engineers aligned with a customer's requirements to each position. The role of people and project management is left to the customer.
• Basic DDC.
At this level, RTSoft builds the team and performs people management. However, the process implemented is entirely defined and controlled by the customer.
• Advanced DDC.
At this level, in addition to the Basic DDC service, RTSoft also defines and controls the process used by the team with the customer.

Our team

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